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Our Classes

Choose from a variety of class options to keep you moving, sensual, fit, and having fun! First time trying us out? It's always a great idea to start with the Core Experience!

Sometimes all we need or got time for is a quickie! Get yours in and done in 30 minutes! Condition, get your heart pumping, and stretch those muscles on a midday break or before your evening plans heat up your night. Classes are open to all genders.

30 mins

Dance Cardio
Start and end your week with a dance party! This non-stop cardio class will get your body movin' and groovin' to get things done and keep the high vibrations rollin' through the week and weekend.
Sensual Stretch
Recharge and lengthen your muscles, while connecting to your heart center. Great for a break for your computer, when you need to slow down, or when you need that 'you' grounding time.
Sensual Strength
Activate and condition every muscle group while maintaining a connection to your feminine energy. Great for those moments when you need to re-energize and rejuvenate, and return to your life with more focus and mind-body connection.

The essence of you is layered, ever-changing, and magnifcently gorgeous. These 1-hr classes are as varied as you - sometimes you need a dance party and sometimes you need to slow down and go within to reach out to the world again. We got you! Check out all the different options to light up your week. Classes are open to all genders.

60 mins

Learn commercial dance conditioning and stretching to supplement your Core Essence practice. In this class you will learn stylized routines to help you move fiercely in your heels! Whether you are desiring extra practice in those 6+ inch stilettos or craving a fresh approach to your flow, this class will have you rockin' your legs in blissful movement.
Flowing Pilates
Classic Pilates with a twist. Focus on the movements and muscle groups that prime you for pole work and increased mobility. You'll stretch, you'll break a sweat, and you'll feel amazing after!

Push your muscles beyond what you think is possible in these 1 hour classes. Climb, flip, twirl, spin and amaze yourself with your strength. Learn pole technique and become comfortable with your pole partner. Use the pole to reclaim your strength and your sexuality. Classes are open to all genders.

60 mins

Beginner Pole
Beginner pole classes are for pole newbies who want to learn spinning tricks and accents, or advanced pole babes who want to work on perfect or improve basic tricks and combos.
Advanced Pole
Push your muscles beyond what you think is possible. Climb and flip and amaze yourself with your strength.

S Factor® is a feminine movement practice – a sensuous workout for body and soul that’s intelligently designed to open the female body into her full, free, erotic expression.

1 - 2 hours

Intro Class
This first-timer class will take you through an abridged signature S Factor® warm-up intended to give you a peek into our movement and philosophy. Experience this curvy, supple, body-loving movement including our famous Hip Circles and more. There is no stripping in our Introductory Teaser Classes and no athletic or dance ability is required. Just bring your naturally beautiful female form and come play!
Level 1/2
You are embarking on the most fun, sexy, sometimes emotional and always sensual workout there is! Level 1/2 is where you walk through the door and into your whole new world of exploration, transformation and body love. You'll begin your class with a slow and sexy workout designed by a woman for your feminine body, after which you will add a routine, strip-tease, and lap dance - all designed to get you in touch with your inner (and outer) sexy self!
Level 3/4
Level 3/4 is all about stringing together the movements you learned in Level 1/2 with more fluidity and ease, and listening to where your body can go next. You will start to explore the music that your body likes, and every week, you will be invited to bring in music you have been dying to dance to. Through new strips and themes each week, you will get to know your body in a whole new way. Come play!
Level 5/6
Our Upper Level classes are for our advanced practitioners who have been coming to S Factor® for a year or more. Through the use of advanced teaching tools, playful themes, and energy play, you will connect to your emotions through your movement in a deeper way, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the core of your erotic body....your Erotic Creature. Your body has a story to tell....are you listening?
Fluid Movement
FM is a circularized series of body-challenging movements done exclusively on a mat or standing. It’s especially lovely for students who desire movement in an hour! Each workout is new and exciting.