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No secrets here...


Q: What do I need for a class?

A: Zoom, Spotify Premium, and a small space to move.


Q: Do I need a pole?

A: No, we have plenty of classes that don't require a pole. But if you have one, try one of our pole classes!

Q: I've never taken a class before, where should I start?

A: We suggest starting with the Core Experience, which is a First-Timers class.


Q: I just signed up for a class. What's next?

A: Breathe..... Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before class time, your beautiful instructor will send you an email to help guide you. This email will contain your zoom log in, Spotify playlist, and any other information you'll need for class.

Q: I'm signed into a class but I'm going to be late. What do I do?
A: If you know you're going to be late please email the teacher to let her know.
If you are more than 15 minutes late you will not be able to join class. You can always email us to reschedule.


Q: Do I need heels for class?
A: We do encourage heels in some of our classes, but speak to your teacher about how to introduce them safely. We have a Heel-ography class that can help introduce your body to heels safely. Street shoes or regular heels are not allowed in the studio.


Q: Do I need a dance background?
A: No, you do not need a dance background to come move with us. Be sure to sign up for an intro class first if you are new to this movement. We teach you everything you need to know to progress.


Q: I have no upper body strength. Will that be an issue?
A: Our job is to help you build strength and body awareness over time, progressing with each class. We recommend starting with intro class so you can begin to learn this new language.


Q: What do I wear?
Core Pole Classes
A: For our Pole classes, we recommend shorts as you will need your skin exposed to help grip the pole. Feel free to wear layers to start the warm-up in pants or a hoodie.
Core Express / Core Essence / S Factor®
A: We suggest and encourage any clothing that your body feels comfortable in. Sweats and a sweatshirt or teeshirt, shorts, fishnets, heels, bare feet, tank tops...whatever your body feels comfortable in movement. We encourage you to play with clothing and layer up!
Sensual Pilates
A: We recommend athletic attire that is stretchable and that you feel comfortable moving in.

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