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Why Pole?

Just like sexuality, pole fitness and movement has been taboo for so long. We use the pole to reclaim our strength and our sexuality. 

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Pole FAQ

& Frequent Misconceptions


Q: I'm not strong enough / fit enough for pole

A: Our classes are structured to build strength over time, you don't need upper body strength to start you will have it in no time at all!

Q: What should I wear?

A: The pole likes your skin. Shorts and a tank top are ideal for pole movement.

Q: What mm of pole should I buy?

A: 45mm and 50mm are the most popular. If you were a student in our studio, our poles were 50mm until we received a few 45mm "skinny poles".


Q: Chrome or Stainless Steel?

A: There are many finishes for poles, we recommend either Chrome or Stainless Steel.


Stainless Steel poles are silver in color and are highly polished to give a smooth and shiny finish, which can prove slippery for some people and also requires more grip strength to use. So if you're more advanced, or if you're a beginner and want to push yourselves with a pole that can be somewhat challenging, go with Stainless Steel. 


Chrome poles are also silver in color, but have a mirror finish. They are Steel poles that have been coated in Chromium to produce a beautifully shiny finish. Chrome poles are the most common poles seen in studios and in competitions. Chrome naturally has a bit more grip than Stainless Steel, so is a very good choice for beginners. 

Q: Do I need to drill it into my ceiling?

A: You can buy a tension rod which is sort of like a shower curtain rod (but the other way!). It won't leave any damage and you don't need to drill it into your floor/ceiling.


Also available are poles that you do drill into your floor/ceiling.


Both are secure, it's a personal choice based on your space and your home.

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